Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The use of MTK8389 Quad-Core processor, big screen phone of Ebera E703 debut

The use of MTK8389 Quad-Core processor, big screen phone of Ebera E703 debut
  Quad core war first year, MediaTek launched MTK6589, MTK8389 other chip on the market with high quality and low favored by many manufacturers. Ebera  This tablet phone era has always been high-profile, full-featured, high cost performance is known, MTK chips are of course not to drop the subject of the Ebera manufacturers sought after. 7-inch version Ebera E702S of the listing, so many consumers favored, but also the current dual-core selling models, follow the trend of tablet mobile phone market, Ebera 7-inch quad-core tablet phone Rui Chi-E703 should be shipped Health. Ebera Core Extreme Edition E703 Chi call the listing, creating a Tablet PC mobile phone industry precedent.
    Ebera  Rui Chi E703 configuration MTK8389 quad-core chip, 7-inch inch IPS Retina screen, resolution up to 1280 * 800, the latest Android 4.2 system, 1G memory to run, 8G/16G storage space, front 500 rear 8 million high-definition camera , built-in communication module ...... super-configuration, call, send text messages, office mobile office, high-definition camera, 3D entertainment, microblogging letter, GPS navigation, fully functional, E present on the line!
    E This era Rui Chi E703 built-in communication module, dual card dual standby, support for mobile / Unicom 2G, Unicom 3G card phone, dual sim free switch, built-in handset, exclusive use of Audience audio processing chip, a powerful call noise reduction capabilities, with to clear call quality. Supports four kinds of calls, it can be the handset, speakerphone, headset and Bluetooth headset line and receive calls.
Rui Chi E703 Tablet PC to create a precedent for the industry, the world's first free battery replacement tablet phone. E703 Original two 4800 mA large capacity battery, low power consumption, endurance capacity, since you no longer have to worry about battery life tablet up. Tablet PC phone as a market darling, but limited battery capacity, when we are hearty, the alarm no electricity, with the E703, is also unhappy with it?
    Rui Chi E703 Rear Front 5000000 8000000 HD HD camera, camera function is very powerful yo, four kinds of image attributes, five kinds of video capture properties, six kinds of camera settings, six kinds of photo shoot property, eight shooting modes, 14 kinds view mode. Using 5P high quality optical lenses, blue glass filter, F/2.2 large aperture, can be a continuous 99 photos, intelligent beauty, HDR, face recognition, smile automatic camera, 270 degree panoramic photography, 3D three-dimensional multi-angle photos , everything. Support 1080P HD video recording, photo shoot maximum resolution of 4096 X 3072 pixels. Fuselage comes Advanced Super-LED bright flash, super night and darkroom camera capabilities, and support for real-time photo editing, online sharing, without any supporting software.
    According to the official website Ebera (www.ebera.cn) introduced new phones People First price of 1680 yuan, how, heart of it! At current prices, also donated 12,000 mA move yo, so you get a lot of gift drops!

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